Green Irrigation, formally IrrigationSolutions, is the Hudson Valley's premier irrigation and sprinkler company

Irrigation and sprinkler systems

Design and installation - We will tailor an irrigation system to your needs. Our sprinkler systems are custom created, hidden and non-obtrusive. All of our systems include a rain sensor.

Green Irrigation is a small family business, formally known as Irrigation Solutions. We are the premiere irrigation and sprinkler business in the Hudson Valley. We have built our business on competence, and service. We service what we install!

This is how a Green Irrigation System works:

  • A battery-operated computer, outside of your home, is connected to a series of valves within an irrigation box.  These valves open and close according to the programming of the computer, allowing water to flow in underground pipes and spray from sprinklers strategically located throughout your gardens and lawns. 
  • The system operates after midnight, so the plants and soil have the full benefit of the water without competing with evaporation.
  • All Green Irrigation systems have a rain sensor, which detects the weather conditions, turning off the system when the gardens are sufficiently wet from rain.  As the soil dries, the rain sensor allows the system to run again.
  • Each system is designed to be seamless, invisible, and fulfill the individual needs of plants.  We irrigate flower beds, vegetable gardens, pots, lawns.  No garden design is too complicated for a Green Irrigation Solution!
  • We collaborate with gardeners throughout the Hudson Valley. 

                   Green Irrigation formally IrrigationSolutions is located

                                          in Woodstock, in the Hudson Valley.....

     We offer fine products by Hunter, and Rainbird .......


TEL: 845.810.2711